The collaborative practice of Mary and Stephan
Hillerbrand+Magsamen-Comfort-Garage Inside.jpg


Comfort is a series of actions/ performances where the collaborative team of  Hillerbrand+Magsamen walled them selves’ shut in every room of their suburban home in Houston, Texas with the items that existed in that very space.

 From the garage to the bedroom, the artists sealed themselves off from the rest of the world. Documenting this performance they took pictures of both the inside and outside of these walled off passages, They then printed these images through Walmart, the very place that “stuff’ came from in these rooms, 50”x60” polar fleece blankets. These blankets become not only documentation of their action but fetishized objects, modern day quilts or tapestries that show the paradox of both visually being seduced by this strange installation of stuff while questioning the idea of being “trapped” inside ones own home. 


Twenty 50”x60” polar fleece blankets, printed through Walmart photo center. 

Hillerbrand+Magsamen-Comfort-Garage Inside.jpg
Hillerbrand+Magsamen-Comfort-Garage Outside.jpg
Comfort-Door Inside.jpg
Comfort-Door Outside.jpg
Comfort-Ball Back.jpg
Comfort-Ball Front.jpg